Student Innovation & Creativity Showcase for Lansing Community College

Road Rage

Yakesha Morton
Professor Smith
10 April 2023

1) Target Audience: I want to reach adults of all ages who has a license and drive on the road.
2) Message: My message is about road rage. I want my viewers to understand road rage is dangerous it has became a social norm to be rude to others while driving on the road not knowing one third of shootings due to road rage lead to death or serious injury’s. I want people to be prepared before you get on the road to eliminate stress and short tempers.
3) Action Step: I want my viewers take steps to prevent being a victim of road rage. Firstly I want them to know what road rage is. The steps I would like them to take is getting more sleep before leaving the house to prevent fatigue. The more tired a person is the shorter their patience will be. Secondly I would like to recommend being ahead of time to lesson the chances of arriving late to their destination. When a person is one a strict time limit they speed of ride the tail of others causing both them and the victim to feud. Lastly create a soothing atmosphere in the car for example jazz music to keep the mind at piece.
4) Significance of issue to the public: This issue is important to the public because road rage is something that is here to stay, but with the right actions set in place there are ways to not fall victim being another angry person on the road. There are too many people dying to the hands of angry drivers. Think before you cause someone else their life, not only your life, but the lives of the passengers as well.






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Media Description: Video about Road Rage

Instructor: Dr. Smith

Item Credit: Yakesha Morton

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