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The Influence of African Independence Movements on the US Civil Rights Movement

This poster is an overview of a research project for HST 210: Historical Methods and Skills. I wanted to explore…

Anti-War Movement: A Search For Peace ✌️🕊️

This presentation is for my Historical Methods and Skills course with professor Jeff Janowick. In it I discuss the basics…

Rosa Parks: Leader of the 1960s

Who is Rosa Parks? Impactful leader and activist in the civil rights movement. Previous secretary of the National Association for…

The Trump Movement: An Army Misguided with Corruption

Introduction:  It is no secret that throughout history, the Democrat and the Republican Parties of the United States’ political system…

Poetry: Off Pharos

Off Pharos Bloody-fingered Dawn Finds me shipwrecked, Emerging from last night’s thorn bush To seek Him; to touch His knees,…

Women in the Civil Rights Movement

My research project will be available soon, below is my project presentation where I have outlined my main points to…

Non-violence in the civil war

I am research non-violence in the civil war and how efficient and effective it was.

Leaders of the National American Woman Suffrage Association

This is my presentation on the NAWSA and the leaders that helped change the lives of the women in America…

The Civil Rights Movement and the Music that Supported it

Opioid Crisis In America

Description and summary of Medical Anthropology research project.

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