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Poetry: Off Pharos

Off Pharos Bloody-fingered Dawn Finds me shipwrecked, Emerging from last night’s thorn bush To seek Him; to touch His knees,…

Women in the Civil Rights Movement

My research project will be available soon, below is my project presentation where I have outlined my main points to…

Non-violence in the civil war

I am research non-violence in the civil war and how efficient and effective it was.

Leaders of the National American Woman Suffrage Association

This is my presentation on the NAWSA and the leaders that helped change the lives of the women in America…

The Civil Rights Movement and the Music that Supported it

Opioid Crisis In America

Description and summary of Medical Anthropology research project.

The Civil Rights Turning Point: The Montgomery Bus Boycott

This poster is about the synergy between litigation and protests during the Montgomery Bus Boycotts. The introduction portion of the…

Radioactive Consumer Products from the 1900’s

Hello! In this presentation, I tell you all about the once sought after radioactive products that were popular throughout the…

WW2 Field X-ray Imaging

This presentation is about the growing prevalence and use of x-rays in the field during WW2. There are some cool…

The Effects of the counter Culture Movement

The Counter Culture movement of the 1960s had lasting effects on our culture, art, politics, and social norms. The creative…

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