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Marie Curie: pioneer of Radium and Radiologic Technology

Marie Curie had some of the biggest influences on Radiation and Radiologic Technology. She would go on to become the…

Radiation Effects on Radiologic Technologist

This presentation will give viewers a good insight into how radiation can affect the human body. Choosing this topic for…

Dream Job: Norm Burgess lead Radiology Technologist for the Dallas Cowboys.

My presentation is about working for the NFL as a Radiology technologist.

X-Rays on Dogs

My presentation is about x-rays on dogs! I included a good overview about what there is to know about dogs…

Modality Research – Radiation Therapy

In my Intro to Imaging class, we did a research project on different modalities. My modality was radiation therapy. I…

Veterinary Radiology

Hello, my name is MaKenzie, and I am a first-year radiography student at Lansing Community College. If working in the…

PAC System

The main way of communication regarding confidential information in hospitals and a safe way to store said information.


Hi, my name is Sarah, I am a first-year radiography student at Lansing Community college. I did a presentation on…


My presentation is about Theranostics.

Ancient Egyptian Mummy Imaging

Overview of how imaging mummies lead to scientific break through.

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