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Routine Femur and SI joints

I am in the Radiology Technologist program and I talk about the views to take for Femur and SI joints….

Shear Wave Elastography

Shear Wave Elastography assess and aids in the diagnosis of liver disease

Optimizing Doppler Imaging

This presentation talks about ways sonographers can optimize their Doppler images.

Power Doppler and Fremitus

Power doppler imaging and fremitus used in breast imaging. Ultrasound Physics

Ultrasound Transducers

This presentation goes over the types of transducers used in ultrasound, what they’re made of and how they work. Enjoy!


This presentation goes over common artifacts in Sonography.

Display and Image Processing

Physics StarScapes Presentation 2024

Routine & Trauma Knee

This presentation is about the routine & trauma knee, it also explores different forms of pathologies.

Real Time Imaging In Ultrasound

Starscapes presentation for class sonographic physics at lansing community college

Informed Consent

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program Starscapes Informed Consent Presentation

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