If you submit a video, the video needs to have captions to make it accessible to people who are deaf and others who cannot hear audio. In addition, this will benefit people who process written information better than audio.

For a video, give a short summary or a transcript of the video. You’ll also need to make sure the video has captions. YouTube will add automatic captions, but you’ll need to edit the automatic captionsto make sure they are accurate. Contact starscapes@lcc.edu with questions or if you need assistance.

OneSearch can help you quickly find articles, books, and multimedia from research databases and the library catalog. You will also find research guides and popular Library webpages.

OneSearch is available in the blue box on the right side of all pages of the library website.


  • Save time by searching the databases and Catalog together.
  • Find information in research databases you might not know about.


  • Some LCC research databases are not included in a search.
  • You will get a lot of results and some results will be unrelated.

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