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Sonographers In The Clinical Setting

This presentation will cover some of the different areas in which sonographers perform throughout a clinical setting.

Unilateral Hip & Trauma hip

My presentation is about Unilateral hip and trauma hip.

Ultrasound Artifacts

This is a brief presentation on commonly seen artifacts in ultrasound.

Ergonomics in Sonography

My presentation is about Ergonomics in sonography, this presentation goes over exactly what ergonomics is and what we as sonographers…

Quality Assurance in Ultrasound

IDMS 245: Sonographic Instrumentation – Quality Assurance

Ergonomics in Ultrasound

Hi my name is Jessica and I did my topic on ergonomics in ultrasound.


This is a presentation on the importance of ergonomics.

Medical Ethics – DMS Physics

This is a presentation on medical ethics as it pertains to diagnostic medical sonography in the clinical setting.

Bit & Gray Scale Imaging

This is my Sonographic Instrumentation Starscapes Presentation covering the display and image processing that surrounds bit and gray scale that…

Ultrasound Artifacts

A brief overview of the artifacts that appear within ultrasound images and how to fix them. I also discuss where…

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