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PAC System

The main way of communication regarding confidential information in hospitals and a safe way to store said information.

West Mesa Murders

The cold case of the West Mesa Murders and the Bone Collector  

The Effects of Music on Cognition and Problem-Solving Abilities

Four musical genres were used to examine the effects music played in the amount of time it took participants to…

Anti-War Movement: A Search For Peace ✌️🕊️

This presentation is for my Historical Methods and Skills course with professor Jeff Janowick. In it I discuss the basics…


Hi, my name is Sarah, I am a first-year radiography student at Lansing Community college. I did a presentation on…


This project was me figuring out how to create the platonic solids which are generally used as game dice in…

Mia’s ADHD

This educational short film for explores various symptoms of ADHD, especially Inattentive Type. It not only describes struggles, but it…


My presentation is about Theranostics.

Ancient Egyptian Mummy Imaging

Overview of how imaging mummies lead to scientific break through.

X-ray and Forensic Science

My name is Gabriela Kurkowski and I am in my second semester of the Radiology Program at LCC. Follow along…

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