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Radioactive Consumer Products from the 1900’s

Hello! In this presentation, I tell you all about the once sought after radioactive products that were popular throughout the…

How Eating Disorders Affect Productivity by Lydia Rose

This presentation explores the correlation of eating disorders and the productivity of the individual who has an eating disorder.

WW2 Field X-ray Imaging

This presentation is about the growing prevalence and use of x-rays in the field during WW2. There are some cool…

Radium Girls

Thanks for watching!

Wage Workers vs. Culture

Hello everyone! This presentation was for my cultural anthropology class. The topic I chose was understanding the influence culture has…

Hashimoto’s disease

Summary of Hashimotos research

The day of the dead

Hello everyone, This is my ethnographic project for my cultural anthropology class. My¬† presentation goes over the many ways The…

How Language Is Used In Germany

My ethnographic paper talks about how men and women use language in Germany. When men are around other men and…

Hands-Free Devices

This is a presentation explaining the dangers of using hands-free devices while driving. It was made to go along with…

Ethnographic Youth Group Presentation

This project was for my Cultural Anthropology (Anth 270) class. The assignment was to think of a place where people…

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