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Measuring the Effect of Age on Heart Rate Variability after Exercise

In this experiment a group of 17-year-old male and female subject’s results were used to predict our hypothesis.  We stated…

How Cardio Effects Heartrate

A research paper examining 15 subjects and how 30 minutes of cardio at least once a week, for five weeks,…

Experiment on Correlation Between BMI and Blood Pressure

The Effects of Body Mass Index (BMI) on Blood Pressure Hypothesis: With a higher BMI, a higher blood pressure will…

Meditation & Heart Rate Variability

Introduction          Meditation is a practice of mind-body balance or mindfulness that has been used around the…

Paint the Town Safe

Paint the Town Safe A Look into Acrylic Paint and it’s Environmental Impact Harmful Chemicals Volatile Organic Compounds Titanium Dioxide…

Hashimoto’s disease

Summary of Hashimotos research

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