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Hi, my name is Sarah, I am a first-year radiography student at Lansing Community college. I did a presentation on…


My presentation is about Theranostics.

Ancient Egyptian Mummy Imaging

Overview of how imaging mummies lead to scientific break through.

X-ray and Forensic Science

My name is Gabriela Kurkowski and I am in my second semester of the Radiology Program at LCC. Follow along…

Radium Girls

Radium Girls!

X-Rays & Vet Medicine

My presentation was on how x-ray imaging is used in veterinary medicine to diagnose and treat conditions in animals.

Bootleg X-rays

A short presentation discussing the hipsters of the 1930s Soviet Union and their government rebellion using unneeded x-rays

Radioactive Consumer Products from the 1900’s

Hello! In this presentation, I tell you all about the once sought after radioactive products that were popular throughout the…

WW2 Field X-ray Imaging

This presentation is about the growing prevalence and use of x-rays in the field during WW2. There are some cool…

Radium Girls

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