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For my math 118 class I did a 433433 tessellation. The medium I used is acrylic paint.

Inscribed Circle Art

For my MATH 118 class I created inscribed and circumscribed circle art.

Shaded Penrose

I made a hand drawn penrose tesselation tile and then shaded it to add some characteristic to it.


A cup coaster made using 3/5″ hexagon stock for math 118

Everything is Golden

Using the Fibonacci sequence and Golden Ratio I created a progression of squares starting with two 1″x1″ squares and rectangles…

Flower Power

For the class’s final project we were supposed to take something that we had learned this semester and make an…

Birds Eye View

For my project I used a polar grid and the radiating lines in the grid to create a fisheye illusion….

Art Project for Math 118

My digital art piece is essentially a triangular prism with a square and the prism forms of a pentagon and…

Structural Design – Art of Geometry FP

For this project, I focused on the construction and usage of geometric shapes to design a structure. I started with…


This project was me figuring out how to create the platonic solids which are generally used as game dice in…

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