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Final Cold Case By DeAndria Cotton

At a time when anthropology didn’t exist making the modern History of anthropology not fully explained or understood as an…

Breastfeeding In Public

This is a project for cultural anthropology on the stigma of breastfeeding in public and how American culture has given…

Do first Generation Immigrants Feel Like “Real” Americans

This project is about Do first Generation Immigrants Feel Like “Real” Americans

The Story of Who Put Bella in The Wych Elm

The haunting and mysterious story of an unknown woman’s remains that were discovered in England at the height of World…

The Case of the Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run

The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run also known as the Cleveland Torso Murderer is one of America’s oldest unsolved cold…

West Mesa Murders

The cold case of the West Mesa Murders and the Bone Collector  

Student Resources

My presentation is for my ANTH270 class where we have been doing a semester long project. We have been conducting…

Conceptions of Authenticity: A Thai Restaurant Study

I conducted an Ethnography on the authenticity of the culture in a Thai restaurant. In this poster, think about what…

Ethnography of Hair

For this project, I wanted to see how attitudes about hair varied between various groups. I wanted to assess how ideas…

Herbal Teas: A Window to Analyze Culturally Shaped Understandings of Medicine

Research project

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