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Claire is a very well-mannered and responsible student. She is a white, heterosexual, red-headed girl of European ancestry which can…


Faris Aljazi, 19 years old, is a second-year LCC student. Although Aljazi never traveled outside of his cozy local communities…


Nancylee is a beautiful girl who is kind and nice. She has an older brother and sister,  she is the…

A Culture of Consumerism

For this project, I have decided to focus on the American culture of excess consumption and consumerism. View my presentation….


Who is Grace Banvunyaki? Noticeably she is a quiet, calm, girl with fiery red hair that sits in the back…

I Am LCC – Kai Heck

Kai is an upbeat, outgoing guy who seems to have had a bit of an adventurous eighteen years of life….

Culture of Consumerism

Ethnographic data collection of clothes. How globalism has affected fast fashion consumerism. Dangers of fast fashion. View my presentation.

The Unsolved Murder of Brittany Brown

This is a Forensic Anthropology project submission, so I hope you enjoy! Below is a transcript of the audio: In…

Bilingualism Across Generations: An Unseen Divide

Many families immigrate to the United States every year. Bringing with them new cultures, experiences, and languages. But as generations…

Puberty Suppression in Children with Gender Dysphoria

This is a project for medical anthropology about puberty supression in children with gender dysphoria.

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