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COVID-19 vaccines and rejection experience

This semester I worked on a project for a medical Anthropology class, it was a research paper on covid- 19 vaccine rejections. The purpose of the study is to know the reasons behind why a number of people reject covid-19 vaccines, I choose this topic because covid-19

vaccines its something present in our lives now and important at the same time. and  Through observation of research views and personal interviews, I gained a better understanding of what are the public reasons that occur among people about covid-19 vaccines. this

research’s important because it helps to understand people’s thoughts in order to find solutions to the rejection problems. These rejections can be a risk to human lives, and a reason for the continuous cases and spreading of the virus.


With the production of covid-19 vaccines that gained the attention of the world recently, there are numbers of people who have refrained from taking the vaccines for various reasons. With the fake news and information that is written on the internet about how covid-19 is dangerous, lack of understanding of the benefits of vaccines, side effects, people don’t have the access to the vaccine, and other reasons, in this study we will determine which is the high factor and reasons that people chose. 



the interview that had been conducted on a cross-section of a few people in Lansing, MI. the interview will be conducting questions about people’s thoughts and opinions about the vaccines. And these questions are: 

The research question to the public 

  • What is your opinion about vaccines in general? Do you think they are safe or dangerous?
  • Why do you think there is a lack of understanding of the pathogenesis and prediction of vaccines?
  • Why do you think some people are not getting vaccinated?

  • Group 1 unvaccinated participants

For reasons of side effect

  • Group 2 vaccinated participants’ opinion

Under reasons of trust

  • Group 3 vaccinated participant’s opinion

Under reasons of lack of understanding of the benefits

with 11 participants of different ages and responses, the result of this study had been summarized as groups to show the most factor and reasons that participants provide through. The high reason is the side effects with five of the unvaccinated group, this group had responded that vaccines are not totally safe because of the side effect that can occur with time. The second group is the lack of trust reasons, this group is the vaccinated group with three participants, Because of the short period in which the vaccines were made many people were concerned about the reliability and accuracy of the vaccine. The third groups were employees in different places, schools, and hospitals that were required to have the vaccine. this group was three participants who had provided that vaccines are safe, and their opinion was because of the lack of understanding of the benefits of vaccines present in a group people. 



In this study, every participant provided his/her own opinion about covid-19 vaccines with the behavior and beliefs they owned. Not everyone views and thinks about vaccines, in the same way, depending on personality, freedom, and culture that can take a role in individual thinking about vaccines.  The result of the study shows that the most reasons that define some people from getting vaccinated are side effects, trust, and lack of understanding of the benefits, this leads to asking the question of where these factors come from or how it build. With the personal view that I  had gained from the interview with the 11 participants, the anti-internet information had a high effect on individual understanding of the vaccines by warning people from getting vaccines and at the same time the acceptance of some people for this information and keep it firmly in the mind. 

Media Description: Recording of presentation on COVID-19 vaccines and rejection experience by Aminah Jaleel

Instructor: Kali Majumdar

Item Credit: Aminah Jaleel

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