Student Innovation & Creativity Showcase for Lansing Community College

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X-Rays & Vet Medicine

My presentation was on how x-ray imaging is used in veterinary medicine to diagnose and treat conditions in animals.

The Effect of Age on Memory

The full Google Slides presentation on “The Effect of Age on Memory” can be found by following this link. It…

Leaders of the National American Woman Suffrage Association

This is my presentation on the NAWSA and the leaders that helped change the lives of the women in America…

The Civil Rights Movement and the Music that Supported it

Cultural Variations on Mental Health

A look at how other cultures view mental health and what our society think about it as well.

Suffering With Endometriosis; The Truth Behind The Common Condition

  Introduction   Many females are suffering with a life altering condition, but are not informed of it. Instead, they…

“Oh, I Recycle!”

These are the links to the two ads that are meant to be shown alongside this presentation: BP Ad: Carbon…

This I Believe

I believe that children are far more capable than we assume. Never would I have imagined that I would be…

Poetry Illustration for the Crocodile

This is a poetry illustration project for ENGL 208 Children’s Literature. For this project, we were asked to select a…

Opioid Crisis In America

Description and summary of Medical Anthropology research project.

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