Student Innovation & Creativity Showcase for Lansing Community College

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The Research of Autism

You can view my full Prezi presentation online: Autism.

Wage Workers vs. Culture

Hello everyone! This presentation was for my cultural anthropology class. The topic I chose was understanding the influence culture has…

The war on drugs.

Here is my presentation, The War on Drugs.

Cesar Chavez’s Struggle

This is my presentation on a part of the civil rights movement concerning the economic, political and social rights of…

A poem inspired by the movie

The Help By Dorothy Armstrong   Watched this movie Made me sad To me another word for slavery so I…

Research Project Presentation- Studies in American History

Topic- The anti-war movement reached its height in terms of the number of participants during the Vietnam War. The movement…

Temperance Movement

This is about the Temperance Movement and its effectiveness.

“African-Cuban Descent”

“African descent” Cuba is a small island located in the Caribbean. In the years 1492, the Spanish discovered the island…

Rosa Parks Civil Rights Movement 

Arguments and Info about Rosa Parks and Civil Movements Rights

Paint the Town Safe

Paint the Town Safe A Look into Acrylic Paint and it’s Environmental Impact Harmful Chemicals Volatile Organic Compounds Titanium Dioxide…

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