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Emmett Till and the Start of Civil Rights Movement


There are many reasons why the Civil Rights Movement was started. Emmett Till death is a very big reason why the Civil Rights Movement has started and has impacted the lives of African Americans.

Materials and methods

I have used the LCC database to find books, journals, and articles to find how important Emmet Till death was to the start of the Civil Rights Movement. These articles and books have given me a good view of how the Civil Rights Movement began and the impact of Emmet Till death has affected people to want change and equal rights in America. It also presents current events that are happening today.

Information that the topic will cover

Ever since the brutal murder of Emmet Till African Americans were tired of how they were being treated and want a change. His death has impacted not just African Americans but whites as well. His mother decided to have an open casket. The open casket shows what the killers did to her son for such a small act of whistling at a woman who was of different color skin. The imagines shown are the open casket and how he affected the start of the Civil Rights Movement. 

Emmet Till death has sparked the Civil rights movement and has still today has an impact even today on America. The movement was started to have a change in how people were treated by others for the color of their skin. Many of the events that happen during the movement had to do with Emmet Till. The tragic death of Emmet Till still affects us to this day. 

What You Will Learn

My paper will explain how the life and tragic death of Emmet Till and his impact on the Civil Rights Movement. This will help one understand how important he was on the start of the civil rights and why his death was such a big deal which would lead to the start of the movement.

Literature cited

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Author: Taigen McCrackin

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