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The impact of exercise on heart rate


The purpose to these

  • Exercise helps decrease our heart rate.
  • Evaluate the impact of three weeks of modest exercise on participants heart rates

Identifying Heart Rate

  • The number of times the heart rate
    beats per minute.
  • Normal resting heart rate for adults (60-100)

Factors Affecting Heart Rate

  • Physical activity
  • Stress and emotion
  • Health conditions


  • 2 fingers/neck
  • Pen/pencil
  • Paper
  • Clock/watch
  • 8 participants

Exercise’s Influence on Resting Heart Rate

  • Stroke Volume Increase
  • Improved Cardiac Output
  • Better Oxygen Utilization


  • Subjects females aged 19-22 years old
  • Comparing the individuals who did not exercise to the individuals who did exercise
  • The changes don’t show a significant change because this was done in only 3 weeks


  • Four participants exercised 10 minutes daily for three weeks, with heart rates monitored every five
  • Heart rate changes can’t be seen within 3 weeks of exercising.
  • Exercise reduces the chances of coronary heart disease and increasing the efficiency of heart rate


This study adds to our understanding of the dynamic link between exercise and heart rate regulation, demonstrating that a structured fitness program has a considerable positive impact on overall cardiovascular health.

Media Description: Poster about the Impact of Exercise on Heart Rate

Instructor: Kabeer Ahammad Sahib

Item Credit: Bepasha Mongar, Happy Djuma, Sherley Duport

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