Nancylee is a beautiful girl who is kind and nice. She has an older brother and sister,  she is the youngest in her family. Nancylee has always lived in the same house, in the same city,  in the same state her entire life. She has attended private schools or Catholic schools from kindergarten to high school and values education greatly. Nancylee considers herself a nerd because she loves learning, going to school, and having conversations with people. She also enjoys getting to know people and hearing their stories. Nancylee holds a good education in high esteem, she loves her home because it is where she is surrounded by people who make her feel safe and strong. Nancylee values relationships and   conversation because it is how strong relationships are built. Currently, Nancylee is attending Lansing Community College due to a complicated situation. She intended to work at a place where the opportunity was taken away from her, so she chose to attend LCC to pursue this opportunity. However, at the beginning of this past summer, that opportunity was taken away from her, and she was left with the commitment to finish her studies at LCC.Nancylee is sad because it is not a place she wants to be, but she knows that she is there for a purpose, and she will move on to bigger things. She wants to attend Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio, because she knows that is where she will grow into the culture and education she desires. Although it will be difficult for her to be away from home, she knows that she will be able to grow there.Something that Nancylee holds close to her heart is her faith. She is a Catholic and values Jesus and her faith greatly. She believes that all of her decisions should be good and beautiful she  wears a cross necklace every day as a reminder of who she is, what she stands for, and the person she loves more than anyone or anything – her savior Jesus. Nancylee is a person who values her faith above all else. She considers it an essential part of her identity and wears her cross necklace as a reminder of that. Her faith is what has guided her in life so far, and it is what she believes will guide her in the future as well. She hopes to attend Franciscan University because she feels that it will be a place where she can grow both academically and spiritually.

“I am LCC” is an ethnographic project that brings together students to interview each other and share their stories of cultural heritage and migration through words and photos, making the exotic familiar and the familiar exotic. The students develop interviewing skills, and learn that researcher and interviewee are both subjects and thus together create meaning.

Media Description: A young woman with long hair wearing glasses and a dress, standing in a field of green.

Instructor: Krishnakali majumdar

Item Credit: Grace Banvunyaki