Student Innovation & Creativity Showcase for Lansing Community College

I Am LCC – Kai Heck

Kai is an upbeat, outgoing guy who seems to have had a bit of an adventurous eighteen years of life. He grew up with split parents, not really knowing his father for quite a few years, and moved around a lot while being raised by his mother. Kai was born in Indiana on March 31st 2005, relocated to South Carolina, and then later to where he currently resides: Michigan. Since he grew up moving often, he loves to travel, see the world, and meet new people wherever he goes. Kai’s favorite trips have been to Southeast Asia, particularly Cambodia and Thailand. The cultures there were very influential for him. He was exposed to Buddhism and although he does not practice the religion, its values and philosophies have had an influence on the way he reacts to and views the world. He is currently attending Lansing Community College because his previous college plans fell through, and community college allows him to stay in the school headspace while he figures out where he wants to go next. He enjoys the outdoors, and when asked about possible future careers says that he could see himself doing anything. He is creative and social, a history buff who although is not religious himself, respects the beliefs of those who respect others.

“I am LCC” is an ethnographic project that brings together students to interview each other and share their stories of cultural heritage and migration through words and photos, making the exotic familiar and the familiar exotic. The students develop interviewing skills, and learn that researcher and interviewee are both subjects and thus together create meaning.

Media Description: A young man with long hair in a white t-shirt standing in the rain sticking his tongue out.

Instructor: Krishnakali Majumdar

Item Credit: Claire Schwarz

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