Sydney Prince, born and raised in Grand Ledge. She is a sweet and caring of others. Sydney grew up in a Latino American household with her parents and older sister.  Sydney has always had a love for healthcare science, so she is currently majoring in Nursing. Her dream job is to become a labor and delivery nurse. She attends LCC because she wanted to see if college was for her. She also found it had better classes for nursing and would help financially. As Sydney has been in college, she has decided she’d like to do mission trips. The mission trips are for Sydney to help women around the world get resources and help educate them on how to deliver babies and how to properly take care of themselves.

“I am LCC” is an ethnographic project that brings together students to interview each other and share their stories of cultural heritage and migration through words and photos, making the exotic familiar and the familiar exotic. The students develop interviewing skills, and learn that researcher and interviewee are both subjects and thus together create meaning.

Media Description: Young woman with long hair and earrings smiling standing on a field

Instructor: Krishnakali Majumdar

Item Credit: Indalecia Romero