Who is Rosa Parks?

  • Impactful leader and activist in the civil rights movement.
  • Previous secretary of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.
  • Montgomery Improvement Association Board Member. 


Rosa Parks made a tremendous contribution to the civil rights movement that set the stage for the laws we have in place today


Montgomery Bus Boycott:

  • Rosa Parks’ activism that led to her arrest, was the motive for the boycott.
  • In 1956, as a result of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Browder v. Gayle was declared unconstitutional, thus making segregation on buses illegal.

Impact #1:

Parks refusing to give up her seat turned a national law unconstitutional. 


Impact #2:

Parks also tried to register to vote three times before finally getting approved as a registered voter in the state of Alabama. Parks demonstrated her true dedication to not only the movement, but her own rights in her attempts for voter registry.


Impact #3:

Parks was able to advocate, grow, and help others through the NAACP, MIA, being John Conyers’ secretary, speeches, marches, and working with famous individuals such as MLK Jr. and E.D Nixon to benefit the civil rights movement.

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