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Music’s Effect on Heart Rate

Music’s Effect on Heart Rate 

Sadye Luttig, Diane Mahoro, Aland Mustafa

Professor Kabeer BIOL 202


If an individual is to listen to music set at a high pace  then they will have an increased heart rate. Whereas if they listen to slower music, then there will  either be no change or a decrease in heart rate.

Methods and Materials

We took each individual’s heart rate before and after listening to the song they were assigned. We did this by measuring their radial pulse for 15 seconds, then multiplying by four to conclude their heart rate. We had six participants total, three for each song. The songs we used were Silent Night by Kelly Clarkson, which represents the slow song and Back for More by Five Finger Death Punch, which represents the fast song. They were set to listen to one minute of the song, and their heart rates were recorded both before and after.


On average, heart rate increases when listening to music regardless of the song’s pace. While the results of this paper don’t support the hypothesis that low pace music lowers heart rate, it does support the hypothesis that high pace music does increase heart rate.


Heart Rate in comparison to Slow Music


Heart Rate in comparison to Fast Music

Media Description: Poster about Music's Effect on Heart Rate

Instructor: Professor Kabeer

Item Credit: Sadye Luttig, Diane Mahoro, Aland Mustafa

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