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The Unsolved Murder of Brittany Brown

This is a Forensic Anthropology project submission, so I hope you enjoy! Below is a transcript of the audio: In…

The Organization of the Montgomery Bus Boycott

The video linked above is the presentation of my research project I completed in History 210. I researched the organization…

Bilingualism Across Generations: An Unseen Divide

Many families immigrate to the United States every year. Bringing with them new cultures, experiences, and languages. But as generations…

Emergency Room

Musical composition to Emergency Room scene Composed by Samuel Hosey

Managing Agoraphobia

I made this presentation for a project in my Abnormal Psychology course. The objective was to take a topic that…


For my math 118 class I did a 433433 tessellation. The medium I used is acrylic paint.

Puberty Suppression in Children with Gender Dysphoria

This is a project for medical anthropology about puberty supression in children with gender dysphoria.

Inscribed Circle Art

For my MATH 118 class I created inscribed and circumscribed circle art.


  Anatomage is a virtual cadaver dissection table that helps students learn spatial anatomy which is critical for health care…

Marie Curie: pioneer of Radium and Radiologic Technology

Marie Curie had some of the biggest influences on Radiation and Radiologic Technology. She would go on to become the…

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