Student Innovation & Creativity Showcase for Lansing Community College

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Exploring Traditional Woodblock Printing Through Photoshop

A brief slideshow on how I used watercolors, micron pen and Adobe Photoshop to mimic the look and feel of…

Coming home

In the sunlight she looks golden, a single mother of three young kittens. She has lost a lot to being…

Overconsumption of Clothing

I did research on the overconsumption of clothing by college students to find the reason it occurs.

Values of Lcc Students

What are the interests and values of LCC students? For this research I chose to focus on understanding the interests…

Moon Illustrated Poem

An illustrated version of the poem “Moon” by Amy E. Sklansky.   Moon by Amy E. Sklansky Marvelous Opaque Orb….

Lansing Community College Students

In this presentation, I interview 5 students currently attending Lansing Community College and the different experiences, influences, and perspective these…

RHDV2: A Threat to Wild and Domesticated Rabbits

By: Brienna Hickmott A secondary data analysis of the foreign viral pathogen RHDV2 assessing its risk at a population and…

Routine Femur and SI joints

I am in the Radiology Technologist program and I talk about the views to take for Femur and SI joints….

Exploring Cultural Views And Attitudes Regarding Mental Health.

The presentation offers a thorough understanding of how mental health is seen and treated in various cultural and economic situations,…

“Waterworks” Third Place Winner, Capital City Film Festival’s 2023 Fortnight Contest.

The Capital City Film Festival holds a competition for local filmmakers to fully produce a short film (10 minutes or…

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