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LGBTQ Movement

This presentation is to give an idea of the paper I will be doing and just some of the sources that will be in the paper itself. The images are of the growing acceptance of the LGBTQ community and is to help the reader see how much the movement has grown in the past years in getting more equal treatment.


For those of history the LGBTQ movement has been around for around 50 to 60 years. It has gone through hard times to reach the heights they are at now as they move into more political avenues. By doing so they have pushed for more and more rights and guaranteed protections that have allowed it to flourish in America.

Way of studying

I have combed through the database of the LCC library for articles, journals and even books to find out more on recent events in the community. These articles have given me a view of the problems that were faced by the community in recent events and how they have been solving them. It also presented some ideas of how current problems can be solved like healthcare, increase in violence and increasing suicide rates and how religion is able to accept them

Information on what the topic will cover

The movement has been progressing more and more hoping to make a place where all those in it can be safer and have support when needed. Alongside them, states have been adding more laws that are helping the community when facing oppression and violence against them as shown by the left image shown by color coding. By the better acceptance of those outside the community who acknowledged their rights of marriage and sexual preference as the graph on the right shows below.
They have been pushing and trying to increase awareness of the problems getting healthcare by Coraline Dorsen who hope that by removing the bias people who are mentally hurting or physically in need can get the care needed. There is also an amazing new ally that is helping as the new President has begun/signed into law that those of any community can’t be discriminated against for their sexuality or preferences in areas like healthcare, something that has vexed the community for years. Another aspect they have been facing is suicide rates increasing for those who are trans and how people like Susan Vaughan are hoping to curb the rate by building up a resilience to the bullying, threats, and violence so as to make the community strong mentally.

What you should learn

My paper will be looking into these
topics and explaining how they are pushing back, working to tighten up and move against new ones. This will help one understand the movement’s progress toward moving the United States toward a more inclusive and welcoming place and what still needs some work to be done. One doesn’t have to be a part of the community to help but by learning what they have faced and what new challenges are to come for them can help improve their chances of furthering their goals.


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Item Credit: Andrew Karlzen

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