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Diversity in the Work Place

General Motors: Diversity, Inclusion, and Minorities

My complete presentation is available online but below  is summary of initiatives being taken by the CEO.

Finding someone willing to sit down with me over three weeks because I knew I would no be allowed into the plant to follow anyone for any reason to gather my results physically. My paper will focus on two areas: Diversity and inclusion. When I started my research project, I assumed that gathering statics and reading articles regarding inclusion would help form my question: Is diversity and inclusion in the workplace obtainable only through corporations or the employees who drive the workforce through labor. But I found in addition to articles and clippings. Speaking with people who have a long history and insight on diversity and General Motors was also an excellent way to start my Ethnographic research paper.

After speaking with several people, currently employed and retired, I narrowed my selection down to two people that have worked for General Motors for over 25 years.  The next best thing was to create a series of questions in three phrases that would help my interviewees and myself stay on task. My questions were the same for both people I interviewed, and the responses were different.  Various issues and subjects were discussed from, Mininorites in the workplace. The CEO’s new initiative to bring forth diversity and inclusion globally, technology changing rapidly, nepotism, and anything else they felt were worth sharing with me.

Days after the murder of George Floyd, Mara Barra, the CEO, moved quickly to reassure General Motors position to employees around the world. “ GM’s intolerance of racism and injustice while also setting a bold aspiration to be the most inclusive company in the world, Let’s stop asking ‘why’ and start asking ‘what’ are we going to do. If I were an employee of GM, I would feel like my CEO understands and recognizes the intolerance, injustice, systemic racism that her Black and Brown employees might think in a field that was not meant for them. General Motors, Merck & CO., and Walmart have pledged $100 million in efforts to hire 1 million Black workers in a decade.  I was interested in this topic because the world had shifted in ways that have allowed true feelings, thoughts, false ideologies to emerge from the darkest ashes. And because of this shift, I started to think about the white men who work in manufacturing plants, who feel pushed aside from words like diversity and inclusion. How would they react to the CEO’s new initiative? Would this cause more imaginary economic anxiety within the white community? As I stated previously, I couldn’t be as visible as I would have like to because of the research I chose. Therefore, I relied on conversions from employees, newspaper articles, various platforms, and GM’s website to direct me for my project.


Item Credit: Christina Starks

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